Objects to work with RSS feeds and the Fever API.


In a Pharo playground, evaluate:

Metacello new 
  repository: 'github://brackendev/RSSTools-Pharo';
  baseline: 'RSSTools';
  onConflict: [ :ex | ex useIncoming ];
  onUpgrade: [ :ex | ex useIncoming ];
  onDowngrade: [ :ex | ex useLoaded ];

Example Usage

RSS Feeds

In a Playground, evaluate:

RSSTools exampleCreateRSSFeedWithURL.
RSSTools exampleCreateRSSFeedWithXMLDocument.
RSSTools exampleXMLDocumentWithRSSFeed.
"Create RSS feed object from RSS 2.0 URL"
rssFeed := RSSTools createRSSFeedWith: ''.

"Create RSS 2.0 XML from feed object"
RSSTools createXMLWith: rssFeed.
"Create RSS feed object"

items := OrderedCollection new.

rssFeedItem := RSSFeedItem new 
title: 'Item 1';
description: 'Item Description';
link: ''.

items add: rssFeedItem.

rssFeedItem := RSSFeedItem new 
title: 'Item 2';
description: 'Item Description';
link: ''.

items add: rssFeedItem.

rssFeedOptionalItems := RSSFeedOptionalItems new 
items: items.

rssFeedRequiredItems := RSSFeedRequiredItems new 
title: 'RSS Feed';
description: 'Feed Description';
link: ''.

RSSTools createRSSFeedWith: rssFeedRequiredItems and: rssFeedOptionalItems.

Fever API

In a Playground, evaluate:

"Create a Fever session"
feverSession := FeverSession sessionWith: '' email: '' password: 'password'.

"Retrieve feeds"
FeverTools retrieveFeedsFor: feverSession.

"Retrieve groups"
FeverTools retrieveGroupsFor: feverSession.

"Retrieve Hot Links"
FeverTools retrieveHotLinksFor: feverSession page: 1 days: 1.

"Retrieve items"
FeverTools retrieveItemsFor: feverSession.


This project makes use of the following third-party libraries:




RSSTools-Pharo is released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.